First Wine Release – Introducing the 2017 Ludwig Chardonnay

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The day has finally arrived!

Today I am extremely proud and excited to announce the release of ‘The Ludwig’ Chardonnay. The Ludwig is the first wine in the Adam’s Leap Wines family. This is extremely exciting for me as it represents the realisation of a dream!!! I can’t express all the emotions I am feeling right now, but I am proud to say it is an excellent wine which you can drink now or lay down for some years!

The Ludwig Chardonnay was inspired by 2 creative Ludwigs. The first Ludwig is a friend and the creative mind behind the ‘Adam’s Leap’ name. The second is the composer of beautiful symphonies. The first Ludwig is not actually known as ‘Ludwig’. The story that led to his ‘legal’ name in Australia being Ludwig made me laugh so hard that I cried.

The Ludwig is a creative single vineyard Chardonnay that is both fun and sophisticated. Enjoy this wine with friends that make you laugh so hard that you cry!!

The Ludwig Chardonnay

Label detail

The label is designed by Monica Higgins of Green Peas for Breakfast.


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