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by | Jun 23, 2017 | The Adam's Leap journey | 1 comment

Today is a momentous day for Adam’s Leap Wines!!

I am proud to introduce the Adam’s Leap Wines logo which is the visual representation of the Adam’s Leap Wines brand. Adam’s Leap Wines is all about ‘Great Wines and Great Experiences’!

The ‘Leap’ represents my ‘leap of faith’ in my vision, my ‘leap’ into a new and unfamiliar world and my ‘leap’ toward a lifelong dream. The leap-frog image captures both the absolute pure joy that I hope people will associate with Adam’s Leap Wines, and also a bit of ‘irreverence’.

The Adam’s Leap logo is irreverent and joyful

I know this may sound funny, but to me there is no image that expresses pure joy more than the youthful enthusiasm and carefree spirit captured on the face of someone playing leap-frog. I must have looked at hundreds of images of images of people of all agers playing leap-frog and the consistent expression on their faces that struck me in each and every one was that of absolute pure joy in the moment. If I can give that same sense of pure joy to people through my wines and through their experiences with Adam’s Leap Wines be it at a stay at the holiday house (Ghost Riders Lodge) in the Adam’s Leap Vineyard, at events or at the cellar door (once it’s built) then I will truly have achieved my vision!

The irreverence comes from the fact that owning a vineyard and making wine is a bit against the grain form me. I am a certified ‘city-boy’. So, engaging in a rural venture is definitely ‘outside the square’ for me and thus a bit irreverent. To me, the leap-frog hints at an irreverent devil may care outlook on life and that’s part of what makes it so joyful. The way in which I have approached the wines making has also been a bit irreverent. In my learning and the choices made, I have followed some of the rules but broken many more to create what I am confident will be a fantastic first vintage (Chardonnay due to be ready circa Jan/Feb 2018; Shiraz due to be ready circa July-Sept 2018 and Shiraz/Viognier due to be ready circa July-Sept 2018).

The logo represents my leap of faith

Ok I have gone on enough about the leap-frog imagery and what it means to me, and why I have chosen it to represent the Adam’s Leap Wines brand. I will close this update by saying ‘Stay Tuned’ for more updates on the vineyard, winemaking and branding. You will see the leap-frog theme come through in all the Adam’s Leap Wines imagery.

A big shout-out to Monica Higgins of Green Peas For Breakfast for developing the Adam’s Leap Wines logo which to me is the perfect visual depiction of what Adam’s Leap Wines represents. You will get to see more of Monica’s work as she brings to life a visual representation of my vision for each wine by developing a unique piece of artwork the will be the visual centrepiece of each wine label.


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