Adam’s Leap is born

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Naming the vineyard & wine brand

As you know I took over the vineyard on Friday. On Saturday, I had some friends stop by and I was mentioning that I was thinking of renaming the vineyard which is currently known as ‘Ghost Riders Vineyard’. A friend of mine, Berndt Steber, commented that this adventure was something of a leap (a leap of faith, a leap off a mountain, a leap into something out of my comfort zone, etc.) and that I should call the vineyard ‘Adam’s Leap’. The name immediately struck me as a perfect expression of what this is for me. So, the first vintage and future vintages will be under the name ‘Adam’s Leap Wines.’ The name of the house (which rents out as holiday accommodation) will continue to be known as Ghost Riders Lodge, but the vineyard and wines will be under the Adam’s Leap brand. I intend to make the hallmarks of this brand be quality wines and unforgettable experiences.

Leap of faith



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