The journey begins!

by Jan 21, 2017Harvesting, Winemaking

Dreams do come true!!

As many of you know I have been passionate about wine for some time, and like many wine enthusiasts I have long dreamed of owning my own vineyard and making exceptional wine. Well, today the first part of that dream came true!!!! Today I became the owner of a beautiful boutique vineyard in the Hunter Valley just north of Sydney in NSW Australia. The property is approximately 12-acres with about 6 acres of vineyard. Currently the vineyard consists of 2 acres of Chardonnay and 4 acres of Shiraz. There is also a 1-acre olive grove. The property has a beautiful 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom house which rents out regularly as holiday accommodation.

The second part of the dream is also well underway. One key element in making exceptional wine is having exceptional grapes, and all signs are pointing to an exceptional harvest this year. The heat has brought things forward a bit but fruit yields and quality are looking good (fingers crossed). We harvest Chardonnay on Monday.

The Adam’s Leap grapes

I am working with and learning from some viticulture and winemaking ‘rock stars’!!!!. Shout outs to Ken Bray and Jenny Bright for all their help and teaching in the vineyard, to Dan Binet for taking me under his wing with respect to the winemaking and to Pete Tomlinson for his help with all things IT. With exceptional fruit and exceptional people the second part of the dream, which is to make exceptional wine, is looking good.

I’ll try to publish some updates from time to time as I progress on this journey.


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